Russell E. Koeller Family Farms

In 1973 I was very proud of this tractor and thought that modern agriculture couldn't get much better!!! I really had no idea of what was to tractors, steering by satellites, yield monitors, in-tractor computers, doubling of yields and Genetically Modified Organisms!!!

This Steiger was powered by a 310 hp Cummins engine.

A John Deere 4640 pulled a 16-row planter.

In 1976, applying anhydrous ammonia(nitrogen fertilizer) was a much slower operation with a narrow applicator and a smaller tractor.

43 years ago, our International Harvestor 1480 combine with a 8-row cornhead had just filled our IH truck.

We were using some M & W gravity flow wagons then, but soon quit because of limited capacity and slow transport speeds.