Russell E. Koeller Family Farms

We were 100% International Harvestor back in the early '70's!!! Yes...the yellow 4100 is IH and is a 4-wheel drive. Our first 4-wheel drive!

Starting at upper left...International 756,1256,1206,4100,1466,1206 and 656.

Same tractors...just from the opposite side.

Took delivery in 1964!The beginning of a new era!

50 Years Ago Already!!!

I had just started at Illinois.

The IH 4100 pulled this plow.We really struggled with crop residue.

All three are IH 915 combines with 15 feet wide headers.

Around 1960 Dad switched from John Deere 2-row corn combines to a 4-row IH 403...and later to IH 503 models.

In the mid '50's...when Dad started shelling corn instead of using a corn picker, he also learned all about bins and dryers!

I learned to play basketball there in the background...also that my head and other body parts never hurt that old electricity pole one bit!!!