Russell E. Koeller Family Farms

Bryan harvesting wheat with our John Deere S780 with a 35 feet wide grain platform.
Since this harvest is early July, we will soon plant this field to soybeans for a second crop.

Our soils gradually become somewhat acidic. In order for nutrients and minerals to be available
to our growing crop...we need to maintain the soil ph and keep it close to neutral.
This 200 acre field might need as much as 500 tons of lime...1 million pounds! Trucks with
dump trailers would need to deliver 19 or 20 loads to our field...then it is loaded onto
spreader trucks that use VRT (Variable Rate Technology) to apply the lime in varying
amounts across the field in the correct application rate needed for each acre. Our
Prairieland FS Co-op is a leader in precision farming!

We can spray herbicides and/or insecticides on our crops as needed. Here Kris is spraying a mixture of Insecticide and Herbicide to corn.

Harvest is the best time of the year!
Here, Aidan is carefully loading a trailer...while his dad Kris is operating the combine.
Across the valley...about 10 miles away is Hannibal, MO.

Easter morning 2018...we should be planting corn is out of our control.