Russell E. Koeller Family Farms

Planting corn with a 36-row planter that is 90 feet wide. We soon had to replace this tractor with a much larger 4WD one!

We grow tall corn! Donna cannot reach the ears and I barely can. Too tall, in fact, because it creates all sorts of difficulties for crop care and
harvesting. When the ears are more than 7 feet above the ground and the top of the plant above 14 feet high, the wind in a thunderstorm
can really cause a lot of damage. These very tall plants are difficult to harvest since the corn header must process so much more crop
material, and the resulting heavy crop residue makes primary tillage tough to do. We now try to order varieties that do not grow so tall.

Tall Dog or Short Corn?

But not this short...Cindi, our earlier German Shepherd is taller than many of our cornstalks after a summer thunderstorm flattened much of this field!

Super full grain hopper...when you stop too quickly...corn falls onto the cab roof!

Kris & Bryan one early fall morning.

The two smaller bins have fans, LP gas heaters, stirrators and can hold approximately 35,000 bushels each. The larger three bins
have fans only and can hold just over 55,000 bushels each.