Russell E. Koeller Family Farms

This photo was taken almost 20 years ago during a visit to Whiteman AFB about 60 miles SE of Kansas City. Amazing that these planes flew from the middle of the United states, dropped their bombs somewhere in the Middle East and returned home! At this visit, armed guards prevented us from taking any photos of the back of the aircraft.

There is something about a helicopter that says "This contraption should not be able to fly!"

There is something about this helicopter that says "Do you really want to fight?"

We owe so much to our men & women who serve in our Armed Forces...such individual and family sacrifices!

The amphibious assualt ship USS Bataan carries an assortment of Helicopters, Osprey Tiltrotors, Harrier AV-8B "Jump Jets" and now
the stealth well as various patrol boats as long as 85 feet. Great Navy and Marine Heros!

We must support these HEROS and make sure that their health needs are met for the rest of their lives.

We must demand that the US Department of Veterans Affairs be fully funded, but must be held accountable for their quality of
service and expenditures. Bad employees get fired! Immediately!!!

Amazing aircraft carrier named after my favorite President...the USS Ronald Reagan...escorted by a guided missle destroyer...the USS Campbell.

Apparently with "Special" permission...this F-14 demonstrated its shock wave on the ocean surface as it flies low between the guided missile
cruiser USS Normandy and the powerful carrier, the USS George Washington. I am sure both crews enjoyed the show!

Strength beneath the seas with the USS John Warner and other classes of submarines. Special people are those who operate our underwater fleets!

The runway is barely long enough for this F-18 Super Hornet!

Super Fighter & Powerful Defender...the F-22A flown by the Air National Guard of Hawaii (left) and Alaska.
Temeratures may be different at each air base but up here, it is the same!

Think how bad it would be if our ememies had equipment like the M1 Abrams Tank!