Our family is especially blessed to have another generation of hard working, smart and interested grandchildren poised to continue this farming operation. The odds are good that several will decide to join us! This part of the country is a good place to live...fairly good weather...relatively safe...good neighbors...decent highways...etc.

Hannah at Christmas 2003!

Dad Kris, and daughter Hannah in 2016. Hannah is finishing her 5th year of a 6 year Doctor of Pharmacy program at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville! Classroom is almost another year of clinicals...then CELEBRATION!!!

Clark & Dawson about six years ago

Dawson in the field ready to start the disk-chisel just after sunrise Halloween morning this past 2020 fall!

Aidan is planting soybeans that we "double-crop" after our wheat was harvested in July 2020.

Clark hanging his University flag 7 years ago after high school graduation. He graduated ISU in May 2019!!!

Dawson (left), Jayce and Aidan about 11 years ago!

Probably 12 years ago...Jayce (left) & Dawson helping Kim make her fabulous cinnamon rolls!

Dawson moving dirt in 2013. Now, Dawson is a Junior at Western Illinois University!

Alyssa, now 17, is ready to go to work!

Alyssa operating a grain cart last year.

Now Aidan is a Sophmore at Iowa State University!!! His major is Ag Business.

He spends a lot of time in Iowa. When he is not in class, he works for a large farming operation! He is able to help us on many weekends as well!

Aidan is a proud owner of this sharp Super H that his grandfather Ron restored for him.

Jayce is preparing to load wheat into his truck that he will deliver for us! Jayce is a Freshman at Illinois State University!

Max is driving a grain cart during corn harvest.

Preston driving our largest John Deere tracked tractor!

Preston helping me get going one morning...even though I still had my "Morning Face" on. He is much better than coffee to get me going!!!

Asher is wishing he was a couple of years older so he can drive and have his own pickup truck!

Krew is a show-off! He was born in early August 2021.

Mom and dad with sons and grandchildren comprise a truly "Family Farm" .


I was helping dad (Harry Koeller) harvest wheat in 1954! This photo understates the hot, dusty (and "Itchy") conditions.

Now in 2020, Aidan sits in an air-conditioned cab and combines wheat three times the width with each pass

and at a much faster speed!