Russell E. Koeller Family Farms

We are blessed with good health and a positive attitude. We love a job well done and take pride in accomplishing this. We are fortunate to have excellent landowners whose farms we rent. We have a bright future with our expanding farming operation. We give thanks to God for our many blessings.

Twelve years ago this was our team of "workhorses" that did all our heavy work! The 8970 on the right had 400 horsepower and the 9400 on the left had 425 "horses"! Best of the winter, we never had to feed them nor did we have to clean up behind them!

This was our tractor power just before we started fieldwork in the spring of 2004. Starting on the left is a 8970, a 9400, a 8400, a 8420 with spray tanks and planter, a 7800 and another 7800 with a loader. Each winter we try to run each piece of equipment through our shop for inspection, repairs and a good cleanup before the spring season.

We were using a 24-row planter without GPS autosteer around the year we had to use the planter markers to show us where to drive.

9610 combine unloading corn into a Kinze 800 grain cart with side extensions that could hold 1,000 bushels of corn.

John Deere harvesting corn.

We always do yield checks with seed dealers as well as our own weigh wagons. This allows us to calibrate our yield monitors in each combine as well as compare different varieties within a field.

We used to have to mow the cornstalks after harvest in order for the primary tillage implements to handle the crop residue.

We used to use a MC continuous flow dryer to dry our corn to moisture levels suitable for storage in our bins. We have since removed this dryer and depend on 15 or so in-bin dryers with stirrators.

20 or 25 years ago, hopper bottom trailers were not so common, so here is a photo of two of our hired trucks being unloaded at our Bunge river terminal elevator...bear in mind that these loaded trucks sometimes exceeded 100,000 pounds!